Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congratulations Ben and Taylor, Evelyn Jane was born on Monday morning, and we can not wait until we get to meet her!!!

Finally Home

So much has happened. . . . we just got home this weekend from our 6 week stay at Emory University Hospital. Brandon underwent three brain surgeries the first two went very well but the third was a whole other story. I think by the time the third surgery cam around Brandon's body had just been through to much. he ended up going into acute renal failure, caught pneumonia, several different infections, he was on a vent for six days, he developed blood clots in both of his legs, and he was not able to move his left side of his body for the first two weeks after the surgery. It was a very long and scary road, that is getting better slowly but surly. Brandon is still going to have to go through physical, occupational, and speech therapy for the next little while, and take it very easy until Wyatt gets here. So far there haven't been any signs of siezures so that is wonderful news!! We are so grateful to be home, we have a baby we need to start getting ready for. Wyatt is going to be here in 9 very quick weeks I am sure. So Brandon is resting and I am starting to nest!